Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the advantages of using instead of the USPS.

We’ve got a whole list of them. Please visit our “Premium Benefits” page for full details on our service offerings.

Q: Can I file a change of address for my entire family at once?

If each member of your family has the same last name and is moving to the same new address, you only need to complete one change of address form. Simply select the “Family” option under the “Who is Moving?” section. In all other cases, you will need to fill out separate change of address forms for each member.

Q: Can I file a change of address for my business?

Unfortunately, we cannot support business address changes at this time. Please contact the Post Office directly to submit your request.

Q: How long does it to process my address change request?

It’s all pretty quick and easy; it takes only a few minutes to place your order on All we need is your personal and move information to submit the request with the USPS and then we’ll securely process your payment to complete the transaction. The official address change request with the USPS is performed immediately upon you completing the above steps, but may take the post office 72 hours or more for their records to reflect the change. Additionally per USPS guidelines, it may take 7-10 business days for your mail to start forwarding to your new address.

Q: How do I know my address change has been process?

After completing your order, you will receive a confirmation email from us letting you know your address change request has been submitted. This usually only takes a few minutes, but can take up to 24 hours (don’t forget to check your spam folder in case it is being filtered). Then a few days later, the USPS will send you a separate confirmation by mail to notify you that your request has officially been filed with USPS.

Q: How long does mail forwarding last?

Per USPS guidelines, mail sent to your old address will be forwarded to your new address for 12 months; will be returned to the sender informing them of the new address for the following 6 months; and then subsequently returned to the sender as non-deliverable after that.

Q: What services does do? How much does it cost? is a US-based business that simplifies and facilitates USPS change of address requests for its customers, striving to making moving easier, faster, and more streamlined. We charge $49.95 for our service, which includes the USPS filing, handling, guidance, and additional products and services not available through the USPS.

Q: How safe is my personal information?

We take your security very seriously; all credit card transactions are protected using, the leading merchant services provider. We never sell any information to unauthorized third parties. We do partner with companies to provide some of the premium services to help you save time and money during your move.

Q: What if I made a mistake while changing my address?

We strive to make your moving process as easy as possible, so we will do our best to resolve any issues you may be experiencing immediately. If after an address change you've realized you've made an erroneous change or no longer require a change of address, we'll be happy to correct it without any additional charges. Also, we can cancel or refund any duplicate transactions.

Q: How do I contact customer service?

Please visit our “Contact Us” page for all the ways you can reach us.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!